All the Pretty Emmas


Margaret C. Sullivan:

We swoon over the new Penguin Classics edition of Emma edited by Juliette Wells, with a beautiful cover design by Dadu Shin. We noticed how many pretty editions of Emma were out there when we were writing JAC2C, and decided to put together a gallery of some of our favorites.

Also, we’re giving away a copy of the new book, compliments of Penguin. (Sorry, this is for readers in the U.S. only.) Leave a comment here with a valid email address by midnight on Tuesday, October 6, and we’ll choose a commenter at random.

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Emma 200th Anniversary Penguin Classics Edition

“Oh! you would rather talk of her person than her mind, would you? Very well; I shall not attempt to deny Emma’s being pretty.”

“Pretty! say beautiful rather. Can you imagine any thing nearer perfect beauty than Emma altogether— face and figure?”

“I do not know what I could imagine, but I confess that I have seldom seen a face or figure more pleasing to me than hers. But I am a partial old friend.” – Emma, Volume I, Chapter V (5)

I recently received a copy of the new 200th Anniversary Penguin Classics edition of Emma, and thought, “Why didn’t they send this to me two years ago!” Because two years ago, I was in the initial stages of putting together Jane Austen Cover to Cover, and I certainly would have loved to include this beautiful cover design by Dadu Shin.

But this is not just…

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Pride and Prejudice and Poetry


pnp_proposalKelly Ramsdell Fineman, a poet and Janeite, has been working on poems in a format called an “etheree,” which starts out with a first line of one syllable with each succeeding line adding a syllable, and then working back down again. She has written Mr. Darcy’s first proposal to Elizabeth Bennet as an etheree, and it’s pretty awesome. Check it out!

Jane Austen Quotes Delivered to Your Smartphone


jane_austenThe Jane Austen Centre at Bath has created the Jane Austen Daily Quote App, a free smartphone app. You can set it to deliver a free daily quote from one of Jane Austen’s novels to your smartphone. This is a delightful idea and we are all for it.

The app also includes articles from the Centre’s online magazine and information about the Centre, as well as a link to its gift store.

Deborah Yaffe pointed out that not everyone has a smartphone. (HOW DO YOU PEOPLE SURVIVE?!?) It occurs to us that we can be better about providing Jane Austen quotation-related services to the non-smartphone-owning Janeite public. Things that make you go hmmm…. ;-)

To get the app, go to your app store and search for “The Jane Austen Daily Quote App.” It’s currently available for Android and iOS.

A Special Announcement from Laughing With Lizzie


sophie1Thank you very much for allowing me to visit your blog today, Mags, to make my very special announcement! 

In fact, rather than making my own announcement, I am going to let the wonderful Caroline Jane Knight, Jane Austen’s 5th great niece, tell you all!

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Will Jane Austen’s Real Inspiration Please Stand Up?


Margaret C. Sullivan:

We were half “so sick of Jane Austen’s Real Blah de Blah” and half “Actually what he’s saying is kind of interesting.” Read and make up your own mind!

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Castle Ashby, NorthamptonshireCastle Ashby

When I saw this article in the Telegraph linked on Twitter, I rolled my eyes a bit and prepared myself for silliness. We’ve had so much of this sort of thing: the Real Mr. Darcy, the Real Pemberley, etc., and it’s becoming tiresome, because so often it’s a bunch of hooey.

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Rare Jane Austen Book Discovered in Charity Shop


“Originally the hunters thought they had stumbled on a first edition signed copy.”

LOL. Oh, Austen Muggles, never change.

Why “Clueless” is the Best Jane Austen Adaptation


Why “Clueless” is the Best Jane Austen Adaptation

“…read all of Northanger Abbey…as a commentary on fangirl culture” YES.