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Individual entries are referred to as “posts.” The main page displays the last 10 posts in reverse date order. To access an individual post with associated comments, click on the post title.

To read older posts, you must access them via the archives. The archives are sorted by month of publication and by category. An individual post can be listed under more than one category. The posts also contain tags as well, which are a way of making more granular divisions of categories, and sometimes an additional opportunity for the Editrix to wax smart-aleck.

To access posts from a particular month, click on that month under the “Archives” drop-down in the navigation menu. To access posts from a particular category, click on the category name under the “Weblog Categories” heading in the navigation menu.

To read comments for a particular post from an indexed list, click on the “Comments” link at the bottom of the post.

To return to the main page at any time, click on the AustenBlog logo or “Home” in the menu.

Posting Comments

Comments can be added to any post published within the last 21 days; comments in older posts are automatically closed to prevent comment spam, which usually targets older posts. However, the associated comments remain visible on older posts.

To prevent abusive comments, we now require an e-mail address to post a comment. The e-mail address is not visible to anyone except the Editrix and her blog minions. We do not share or sell these e-mail addresses to any third party. AustenBlog is hosted by; please visit the site to see their privacy policy.

To post a comment, type your information into the proper fields. The information will display below the typing area as a preview. Make any desired changes and click “Submit Comment.”

If you would like to associate an avatar with your comments, register with Gravatar and upload a user photo. You may also login via Twitter or Facebook to comment, and using those services will import your user photo from those services.

The AustenBlog staff reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason. Notification of such removal may or may not be given at the discretion of the Editrix.