Some videos for your Christmas entertainment


First, a preview of yet another version of P&P1995–this time, a Blu-ray edition with extras. Sadly, can’t embed it, apparently, but you can pop over to the Entertainment Weekly site to watch.

In addition to the classic story, the new version will include extras such as a featurette celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s most popular novel, and two featurettes exploring love, courtship, money, and social class in early 19th-century England.

Secondly, something rather more earthy. Heather L. brought this to our attention on Facebook–we had seen it before but forgot about it and it made us laugh, so we are sharing. The language is earthy, but bleeped, and the literary analysis excellent. Jane be slingin’ irony all day, e’er day.

Enjoy, and have a good day!

P&P95 DVDs for sale in Spanish newspaper


A note for our readers in Spain from Alert Janeite Carmen:

El periódico español El Mundo va a vender la serie Orgullo y Prejuicio de 1995 todos los miércoles, jueves y viernes, vendiendo el primer número el domingo 21. Cada DVD tiene un coste de 0,5 € más el precio del periódico. Son 13 DVDs. Más información en:


Spanish newspaper El Mundo is going to sell the Pride and Prejudice series (1995) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday beginning next Sunday, June 21. Every DVD will cost 0,5 € + the newspaper’s cost. There are 13 DVDs. For more information:

Even if you don’t speak Spanish or live in Spain, check out the website–it is beautiful!

Special remastered edition of P&P1995 DVD out March 16


Alert Janeite Mrs. Mish reports that Amazon UK is listing a new “Special Edition” of P&P1995 (Region 2) to be released on March 16. We swear when we first looked at the listing it said somewhere on it that the film had been remastered, but it’s nowhere to be seen in the listing now. With the new listing, it’s hard to tell if this is the same as the old “special edition” or a newly-remastered version. It remains to be seen. If it is remastered, a lot of people who were disappointed with the washed-out colors on the DVDs so far will be made quite happy!

In the U.S., the Blu-Ray DVD (Region 1) of the series, which has been remastered, will be released on April 16. One of the bonus features is “a fascinating short film about the technical restoration process” so it’s definitely been remastered.

When Scary Fangirling Becomes A Good Thing


Alert Janeite Lisa just sent us word that the portrait of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy used in the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice has sold at auction for £12,000–twice the estimated price.

Today, a handful of die-hard fans were engaged in a bitter bidding war to own a piece of the smouldering aristocrat who won the hearts of millions in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice.

[. . ]

Even before the sale began, the painting was subject to a number of advance bids, a spokesman for the London auction house said.

We are pleased that the charities will share such a large sum, and we dare say Mr. Firth is as well. Nonetheless, we find this scary fangirl behavior slightly disturbing, but at the same time are consumed with curiosity to know who won the auction! :-)

"A more gentle sensation"


Bonhams, which is auctioning the portrait of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy from the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, has a much larger version of the portrait available on the site for your enjoyment. Even those who complained about the lack of resemblance might have “a more gentle sensation” at close quarters. Be sure to load the Flash version and zoom and pan away. Thanks to Alert Janeite Cheree for the link.

Put it next to your great uncle, the judge


…in the family gallery, that is.

Alert Janeite Julie T. spotted (and sent us, which much squeeing) the news that the portrait of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy featured in the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (you know, during the scene in which he’s NOT climbing out of the bally pond) will be auctioned off (with proceeds going to charity) at Bonhams on January 21. The portrait will be accompanied by a signed letter from Colin Firth himself.

The painting was basically a bit part player in episode 4 of the BBCs 1995 production of Pride and Prejudice. Looking at him now I would say he has weathered better than most of us. In fact, he is the only character you can meet in person who looks precisely as he did the day he was filmed.

The portrait is expected to raise £7,000. £7,000? Oh, c’mon, you Firth fangirls surely can do better than that. ;-)

In which the Telegraph is pwn3d by Bridget Jones


Not in the bookThe Telegraph breathlessly reports that–ZOMG PONIES!–Mr. Darcy’s dive into the pond was performed not by Colin Firth but by *gasp* a stuntman!

Um…not news, guys. Bridget Jones scooped you almost twelve years* ago.

BJ You know in Pride and Prejudice?

CF I do know in it, yes.

BJ When you had to dive into the lake?

CF Yes.

BJ When they had to do another take, did you have to take the wet shirt off and then put a dry one on?

CF Yes I, I probably did have to, yes. Scusi. Ha vinto. E troppo forte. Si grazie.

BJ (BREATHING UNSTEADILY) How many takes did they have to do?

CF (COUGHS) Well. The underwater shots were a tank in Ealing Studios.

BJ Oh no.

CF I’m afraid so. The -um – moment of being airborne – extremely brief – was a stuntman.

BJ But it looked like Mr Darcy.

CF That was because he had stuck on sideburns and a Mr Darcy outfit on top of a wet suit, which actually made him look like Elvis as you last saw him. He could only do it once for insurance reasons and then he had to be checked for abrasions for about six weeks afterwards. All the other wet shirt shots were me.

Simon Langton, the director of P&P95, does provide one amusing bit of detail, however:

Director Simon Langton said there were difficulties with the actor’s insurance and special arrangements had to be made so that Firth didn’t enter the lake.

He said: “It was a stuntman.

“We didn’t want our leading man to catch Weil’s disease, which can be caught from rat urine in water.”

Hee hee heee heeeeee! But this bit gave us the What The Ferrarses:

But fans are assured the footage of Mr Darcy striding out of the water in his drenched clothing was all shot using Firth.

WHEN IS HE EVER, EVER SHOWN STRIDING OUT OF THE WATER THAT HE WAS NEVER IN? Can the ignorant, ill-informed media please, for the love of the Editrix’s blood pressure, please stop talking about Darcy “emerging from the lake” and “climbing out of the lake” because IT NEVER HAPPENS. You see him swimming, cut to Lizzy looking at the portrait, then you see Darcy walking along LEADING HIS HORSE, AFTER HAVING PICKED UP HIS DISCARDED CLOTHING. We actually just checked the DVD in case there was a scene we missed somehow. It’s not in the book and it’s not even in the bally movie. If you’re going to mock the silly Janeites, at least get your bleeding facts straight.

Thanks to Alert Janeite Lisa for the link, and we hope she is following up with a bottle of Tullamore Dew. ;-)

*Holy cr@p! It’s been twelve years? We feel terribly elderly all of a sudden.