Becoming Jane


Columbia Pictures has announced a new project, titled BECOMING JANE.

Becoming Jane: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Columbia Pictures is brushing up on its Jane Austen with Becoming Jane, a biographical feature about the British author.

Developed by London-based period-piece specialists Ecosse Films, “Jane” will be produced by Graham Broadbent, co-founder and former partner at Mission Pictures.

Penned by Kevin Hood, the film is described as a biographical portrait of the British writer at around age 20, before she became famous, and involves a love theme with Austen falling for a young Irish lawyer. With the studio signing a development deal on the project, “Jane” is out to directors, with the studio looking to put the film into production next year.

Born in 1775, Austen is best known for her books “Pride and Prejudice,” “Mansfield Park,” “Emma” and “Persuasion.” With a strong bent toward historical matter, London-based Ecosse’s credits include “Charlotte Gray,” which the company co-financed with Warner Bros. Pictures, and “Mrs. Brown.”

It is unclear if the film is based on the Jon Spence biography Becoming Jane Austen, which also dwells upon Jane’s romance with Tom Lefroy.