Her petticoat six inches deep in mud


The first pics from the set of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE have hit the net.

That popping sound you hear is the simultaneous explosion of the heads of costume geeks worldwide.

EDIT: Julie B. posted a link to pics of Darcy and Lady Catherine (and Lizzy wearing a bonnet, thank the costume gods) in the comments.

EDIT: The link above has expired; here is a link to Snotty!Darcy at matthew-macfadyen.co.uk.

Another pic of Judi Dench as Lady Catherine.

11 thoughts on “Her petticoat six inches deep in mud

  1. Cairbre

    I like how Keira looks in these pics! Especially jacket is nice looking. I’m really happy that they didn’t go this white-spotted-muslin-dress fashion that is so overdone in Austen flicks.

    I wonder who those other actors are? The pudgy guy behind Keira could be mr. Collins and mousy looking girl in gray dress could be Charlotte… Does anyone knows where they are filming currently? Could those be Rosings scenes?


  2. My understanding is that they filmed the scenes at Rosings earlier in the week. I’m thinking that is Col. Fitzwilliam, actually, since they are probably filming either the scene where she is walking around with him (and finding out that Darcy convinced Bingley to leave off his pursuit of Jane) or the scene where Darcy gives her the letter, and that man is not Matthew Macfadyen.


  3. Ooooh. Matthew looks most hunkalicious and all Snotty!Darcy. How delightful.

    We are pleased to learn that a gentleman’s daughter did NOT wander out of doors sans chapeau.

    I could wish they made the dress of lighter materials. I keep thinking of the Dashwood sisters’ day dresses in the latest S&S. Plain, workaday gowns but still lovely. It looks like they’re putting Lizzy in muddy earth tones because She’s A Tomboy!!! Bleagh.


  4. Julie B.

    I thought MacFadyen looked like he was in character for Darcy. Or perhaps he’s just an insufferable snob and that’s the way he normally looks.

    I love Firth as Darcy, but…(if this movie is any good I should just start writing ILFADB) I long to see a Darcy that’s more “Meryton assembly” at first. I think Darcy is an introvert, certainly, but I never thought he was shy. I know this opens a can of worms. Specifically, I disagreed with how Firth played part of the piano scene at Rosings. When Jane had Darcy say, ‘I certainly have not the talent which some people possess,’ said Darcy, ‘of conversing easily with those I have never seen before. I cannot catch their tone of conversation, or appear interested in their concerns, as I often see done,’ Firth played that as a confession of shyness, it seemed to me. I took it to be nothing of the sort. I read it as sort of a “making small talk with The Little People bores me” kind of thing–more arrogance, less angst.

    But then again, I also have a different take on Bingley then everyone else does. But it couldn’t be because I’m wrong!

    I would also love love love to see an Elizabeth who was actually, you know, “absolutely ashamed of herself” after reading Darcy’s letter, instead of being all snooty and angry.

    Of course, that presupposes that Miss Knightley can act, and what I saw of her in Pirates leaves me a little concerned.

    Oh, and I want to see Darcy express himself on the occasion as sensibly and as warmly as a man violently in love can be supposed to do.

    Mags–do you have your email address anywhere on this blog? I wanted to email you the link instead of putting it in a comment, but could’t find it.


  5. Jamie

    I do love Judy as Lady Catherine – she will do fine. The picture of Matthew does look like what I picture Darcy to be, so he may do quite well.

    While, Keira does look like Elizabeth, but from another piece of literature. She looks like Eliza Doolittle not Lizzy Bennet! But, I DO love her hat!


  6. Julie–I am very fond of P&P2 but I am looking forward to a new take on P&P as you are. I’m rather fond of Snotty!Darcy myself. I am a little disappointed with the dresses in the pics because I love the 1790s fashions and the costumes are a lot of the fun for me with period pics. Wrongness and rightness aside, that dress and hair are just not pretty. But, if the rest of the film is good I can deal with it.

    Mr. Darcy expressing himself as a man violently in love–yeah, I’d like to see that, too. 🙂

    Oh, and I e-mailed you. For anyone else interested, the e-mail is editor AT austenblog.com.


  7. Ellie

    As unfair and irrational as it is of me to say this, I have already set myself against this new adaptation. Personally, the ’95 BBC version was fantastic and this is too soon for another.

    I have serious doubts about Keira as Lizzy, but do agree that Judi will probably be a wonderfully irksome Lady C. I still have not come to terms with the concept of someone other than Colin Firth playing Darcy *sob* – tis too cruel!

    All these aside, though, I worry about how much of the story is going to be lopped off. They didnt even get everything into the BBC version and that was 5hrs long! Oh please dont let them Hollywoodise it as much as they did with Mansfield Park.


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