Electronic version of 1901 Jane Austen biography


For all those AustenBlog visitors who are perhaps a trifle sick of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE filming news, we found an interesting link in our travels that we thought might be of interest: an electronic version of Jane Austen, Her Homes and Her Friends by Constance Hill, first published in 1901, from the University of Pennsylvania’s Celebration of Woman Writers.

One thought on “Electronic version of 1901 Jane Austen biography

  1. robin

    I love this book, partly because it was written exactly half way between our time and JA’s. I think of 1901 as modern times (almost.) Heck, all my grandparents were alive then. My father was born just a decade later. And yet, the author was able to speak to people who remembered, if not Jane herself, her siblings and nephews and nieces.


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