Kent is the only place for happiness, Everybody is rich there

Standard reports that filming of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE has moved from Burghley House to Groombridge Place in Kent, the location for Longbourn, and will remain there through mid-August.

In other location news, the screenwriter of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Deborah Moggach, wrote on her Web site (click on July ’04) that Chatsworth will be the location for Pemberley.

Apparently it’s going to be all shot on location, with Chatsworth being Pemberley and that house in “The Draughtman’s Contract” becoming Netherfield.

We have not seen any studio confirmation of this anywhere, but it is a persistent claim on various Web sites. The IMDB lists Groombridge Place as the shooting location for THE DRAUGHTMAN’S CONTRACT.