High Schooler recommends Austen to her peers


Miss Ally Symonds, a Pennsylvania high school student writing in the Norristown (PA) Times Herald, exhorts her peers to give the classics a shot, providing a list of reasons for doing so.

1. You will feel smarter when you read Jane Austen; maybe it is the Victorian [sic] English or the fact that Elizabeth Bennet’s snappy comebacks to Mr. Darcy are actually quite funny. Either way, something about it makes you feel like your IQ is jumping with every page you devour. This is an incredible power trip, and it is the second most important reason for why I voraciously read. If one does not read because they genuinely want to, they should at least read for the endorphins.

We here at the AustenBlog World Headquarters are quite proud of Miss Symonds. This cub reporter remembers being more captivated by Gilligan’s Island reruns than Georgian (or Victorian) era classics during her high school days.