Take one cup of broodiness, bring to simmer


Heh. A fortunate journalist has the opportunity to interview the stars of BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON and writes the article in v. amusing manner of Bridget’s diary.

Things I will not do:

— ask Hugh if he shaved chest for very sexy topless scene in Thai bathhouse.

— ask Colin if he practices arrogant-locked-jaw-melts-into-puppydog-eyes thing in the mirror every morning.

— forget to talk to Renée as she is star of movie.

We think these are excellent aspirations for an enterprising journalist.

Colin Firth revealed some inside info on playing Darcy, both Fitzwilliam and Mark:

But like Grant, Firth was nervous about donning the mantle of his character once again, in this case the stoic Mark Darcy. “It’s not a safe bet at all,” he says. “There’s a long way to fall.”

Darcy, he says, is an archetype, and that is difficult to portray twice. “His main characteristic is being unknowable,” he says. “And so it’s hard to develop him — you want to show a little bit more but you can’t give too much away.

Many of Firth’s roles are along the unknowable, archetypal lines — from Pride and Prejudice to the more recent Girl With a Pearl Earring, he often plays the tense, silent types whose repressed passion is mistaken for arrogance only to be revealed in heart-stopping splendor in the last act.

“I do tend to simmer,” he says, laughing.

Gee, ya think?

As Bridget did before her, Our Enterprising Journalist discovers that life of top journalist is no walk in the park:

Catch Colin’s eye three times in a row. V. embarrassing. Want to tell him am Serious Journalist observing Interplay of Famous Performers not wallflower staring at Man Who Played Darcy.

Oh, honey. We feel your pain.