Hail to the Chief. . . Mr. Darcy?


Our Jane’s opening line of Pride and Prejudice is universally acknowledged as one of the most memorable in literature, but an article in today’s Guardian provides some pretty good competition:

George Bush makes an unlikely Mr Darcy.

(Oh Most Wonderful Editrix, can I please have Dorothy and a pot of hot tea? My nerves aren’t quite up to this particular comparison!)
The author of this article goes on to liken diplomatic relations between the United States, the EU, and NATO to one of Jane’s “English country dances,” and makes a reasonable, if not believable, case for President Bush resembling our own Mr. D. Lizzy, who isn’t one to be easily overlooked, gets the last word:

But after the ball, many differences will remain. As Elizabeth Bennett knew, it takes more than a twirl to build a lasting relationship.

What a Lizzy-esque way to finish things off!