Julian Fellowes novel reminiscent of Jane Austen's work


Alert AustenBlog Reader Deb R. sent us a link to an article in USA Today about Julian Fellowes’ new novel, Snobs. Mr. Fellowes, who won an Academy Award for the screenplay of GOSFORD PARK (starring half the cast of P&P3 AND E2’s Mr. Knightley–there’s a Jane connection for you), has written a comedy of manners about life amongst the upper classes, and the comparisons to Jane are probably obvious.

Some authors range all over the pages, filling them with big themes. Think of Russell Banks’ brilliant The Darling, roaring across two continents, exploring genocide in Liberia and social turmoil in the USA.

Then there is the miniaturist, the writer who captures the social nuance, the smallest slight, the subtle triumph achieved within a small society. Jane Austen remains the platinum standard. Her genius was for capturing the social minuet, not the titanic struggle between England and France.

Sounds like a good one. Thanks for the link, Deb!