We are taking up a collection to buy this guy a sense of humor


John Weeks of the San Bernardino County Sun is a wee bit miffed with all these moviemakers stealing Jane Austen’s plots and putting them in odd settings such as a Beverly Hills high school and Amritsar, India. (Psst. John. You forgot YOU’VE GOT MAIL. There’s even a flash of Colin Firth’s mug in that one, on the cover of the copy of P&P that Tom Hanks reads. Dead giveaway. Oh, and speaking of The Colin, don’t forget both versions of BJD. Just saying.) Mr. Weeks suggests taking Hollywood films and making BOOKS out of them. Since he has no sense of humor, we will reign in our own and point out that he can’t do so, since those films are protected by copyright, and Jane Austen’s novels are no longer so protected. We would also like to say that we Janeites find the modernized film adaptations perfectly delightful, so butt out, mmkay?