More on Austen biography film


Scotland on Sunday has an article on Becoming Jane/Jane Austen, complete with a now somewhat predictable lede:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Hollywood studio in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a script.

The article speculates on the identity of the actress who will portray Jane Austen. Apparently, the author doesn’t read Variety, as there is nary a mention of Natalie Portman.

Scottish production company Ecosse Films and Columbia Pictures are due to start casting this month for a major Hollywood picture based on the author’s early life. Titled Becoming Jane Austen the movie will be scripted by Kevin Hood, who adapted Tony Parsons’ book Man and Boy for television. It will tell the story of Austen’s life around the age of 20, when she fell in love with a young Irish lawyer who inspired her to become a novelist.

Douglas Rae, the chief executive of Ecosse Films, said the company had just started discussions with a number of actresses to play the role.

Rae said: “The story is of Jane Austen falling in love and it is a story that has never really been told. This is the story of how Jane Austen, who never married, had a love affair when she was 21 with a young Irishman, who is credited with persuading her to take up writing as a vocation rather than a schoolgirl fantasy.

“At this stage we cannot reveal who will play Jane but we are hoping to get a major international star.”