Hope Davis: Friend of Jane


Alert AustenBlog Reader Lorraine writes to tell us that her daughter, Elisabeth, found a link on Oprah’s magazine’s website about Hope Davis, the star of the films AMERICAN SPLENDOR and THE WEATHER MAN. Ms. Davis is a new member of the ranks of Friends of Jane.

Last summer I was reading The New York Times Book Review and saw a mention of The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler. I was pregnant and not feeling that great, but the novel sounded intriguing, so I tried it. I finished it quickly and was left with this great curiosity about Jane Austen—I hadn’t read her in college—so I picked up Pride and Prejudice. I couldn’t stop; by now I’ve read almost all her novels.

I love Austen’s wit and style—she’s incomparable.

Well said! (And we are still annoyed that our own education included not one Jane Austen novel, yet we were forced to read Wuthering Heights twice.) Thanks as always for the link, Lorraine!