New Pamela Anderson sitcom will have Jane Austen mention (apparently)


A review of Pamela Anderson’s new sitcom, STACKED *cough*, in the Boston Herald indicates that the first show (tonight, 8:30 p.m., Fox) may have a mention of Jane Austen.

Busty bottle blonde Skyler Dayton (Anderson) blows into the family-owned bookstore-cafe Stacks in search of self-help books that will steer her away from her “bad boy” choices. She immediately ruffles the pages of everyone inside.

Nerdy shlub owner Stuart Miller (Brian Scolaro) adores her, while his Jane Austen-citing, fussbudget of a brother Gavin can’t hide his contempt. (In the original screener, this role was played by the likable Tom Everett Scott, but tomorrow night, viewers will see the 11th-hour replacement, neurotic comic Elon Gold).

Aww, too bad–we think Tom Everett Scott is cheek-pinchingly adorable, and would love to hear him geek away about Jane. And yes, we shall gird our loins and watch the show. Christopher Lloyd is good! Reverend Jim! (Help us rationalize, will you?) A full report shall follow. HOLD THE PRESSES! It’s on TONIGHT, not tomorrow–and during LOST! Forget it. Not watching.

P.S. “Busty bottle blonde”–good to see Ms. Anderson stretching herself and trying something different. We would hate to see her stereotyped or anything.