We watch mediocre sitcoms so you don't have to


Well, LOST was a repeat, so Dorothy wisely laced our Rooibos with an bracing shot of Tullamore Dew and we watched the new sitcom STACKED on Fox, which an article previously posted indicated would contain a Jane Austen reference. (spoiler, obviously)

The show was eh, the reference was mildly amusing. The setup: Gavin was jealous because his estranged wife was rubbing it in that she was dating a neurologist, so he begged Skyler (Pamela Anderson’s character) to pretend she was his girlfriend.

Gavin: Don’t overdo it. More Elinor Dashwood than Marianne Dashwood.
Skyler: . . . . .
Gavin: Sense and Sensibility?
Skyler: . . . . .
Gavin: Don’t whore it up.

*rim shot*

ETA: Another article about the program at canada.com.

ETA II: Dana Stevens of Slate has an article about Ms. Anderson and the program.

For a Fox sitcom starring Pamela Anderson, Stacked is surprisingly mild-mannered; it’s no Frasier, granted, but it has something of that show’s gentle, character-based humor and bookish wit. (Last night’s repartee included shout-outs to Jane Austen and Carl Jung.)

For Fox that counts as “bookish,” we suppose. *rolls eyes* Points to Dana Stevens for the Judi Dench joke, however.