BRIDE AND PREJUDICE DVD released for Region 1


We missed the big debut date on Tuesday, but we’re sure most Alert Janeites know that the Region 1 DVD of BRIDE AND PREJUDICE was released this week. Most of the reviews are positive; we’ve collected those we found of interest below the fold.

Bruce Dancis of the Sacramento Bee (via calls B&P “one of the overlooked gems of 2004.” (We concur, though we didn’t get to see it till 2005 anyway.)

Aaron Baldwin of the Monitor (TX) doesn’t commit himself one way or the other on the film, but does offer some information about the DVD extras:

Rai and Henderson participate in conversations about the Bride, while Chadha provides commentary. The DVD also includes deleted and extended footage, an Ashanti music video and a featurette about adapting the colorful style of Bombay’s movie industry for overseas audiences.

Bruce Newman of Mercury News says it is “a cheesy knockoff of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'”

Bruce Kirkland of the Winnipeg Sun (what is it with all these movie reviewers named Bruce?) longs for that Firth fellow. Yeah, get in line, dude.

C. Meyer of the San Francisco Chronicle says that “the musical numbers are great fun.”

Ted Mahar of the Oregonian says the film is “a grand Bollywood musical, lighthearted, well-acted, lavishly staged and at least partly tongue-in-cheek.” Yep.

Warren Clements of the Globe and Mail (Toronto) adds, “For viewers who love Bollywood films for their extravagant song and dance numbers, the DVD includes welcome extended versions of the movie’s musical sequences.”

Jeffrey Sisk of the McKeesport, PA Daily News says, “With its elaborate musical sequences (think the Hollywood song-and-dance spectacles of the 1940s) and deft comedic touch, “Bride & Prejudice” has a little something for everyone.”