PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 2005 to premiere at Toronto Film Festival in September


It looks like Ontario Janeites will get a jump on the rest of the world. Paul of sent us a note to say that PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 2005 will make its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, which takes place from September 8-17th. We really hope that some kind AustenBlog reader in Toronto will take pity on the rest of us and send us a review! Here is some information about other films that will be shown at the festival.

Paul also invited AustenBloggers to take the polls at KeiraWeb, one of which is about the Keira film you are most looking forward to seeing. Let’s show those PotC people how Janeites behave! (Sorry, having a Hornblower moment–channeling Mr. Bush there.)

The Editrix also had a Proofreader’s Cringe Moment at the P&P3 official site…see if you spot it. 🙂