That'll be a double nonfat soy latte, breeches boy, and make it snappy


The fantasy of women worldwide: Mr. Darcy serves them coffee.

British heart-throb COLIN FIRTH has taken time out from acting to serve up coffees in global cafe chain Progreso – and his temporary career change is all in the name of fair trade.

The LOVE ACTUALLY star is a director of the high street coffee shops, which aim to solve the trade crisis that currently plagues coffee growers all over the world.

And Firth is happy to get involved and whip up a cappuccino, although he leaves his London customers unfazed at being served by a celebrity.

He says, “Having (my PRIDE AND PREJUDICE character) MR DARCY serve the coffee is a practical way of using my profile without giving everyone ear-ache.

“People seemed to think there was nothing more normal than having me serve their cappuccinos and espressos.”