She's baaaaaaaaaaaack!


Bridget Jones, that is. Brand-spanking-new entries from Bridget’s diary are reappearing in the BBC’s Magazine, courtesy of Helen Fielding. Given how Edge of Reason ended, the BJD readership was hoping for a Brand-New Bridget in a Brand-New Diary. One reader, Rebecca Moy, shares her disappointment on The Comeback:

But reading Bridget’s comeback column, there is a slight sense of deja vu. She’s still single. Still smoking, still drinking (Chardonnay, Bridg? How late 90s), still counting calories. And still going on about Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver.

Not to worry, though. Although the basic plot is old, the details are new:

. . . Helen Fielding has promised that her heroine is going to be entering a new phase of her life. An unexpected pregnancy, perhaps? Or maybe turning her thoughts to what women have to offer? . . . The one thing the film never captured was Helen Fielding’s take on current events (something which led her to the original obsession with Pride and Prejudice, since the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version was on TV then).

But I was glad to see there’s still a touch of that around, eg in Bridget’s comment on braving public transport even after the 7 July bombings. “[I have] pride at how well am personally handling the crisis. Not entirely sure where pride comes from as have not exactly done anything except resolving to take trainers to work when wearing unsuitable shoes. But still.”

And again: “Really wanted a little baby to love, though not, obviously, weekend nanny to shag ex-husband.”

Oh, Bridget. How we have missed you!