Back in fashion again


We know that we should be more charitable about the new film bringing a great deal of positive attention to Jane Austen’s work, so we shall put aside our well-tended persona of Spinsterly Curmudgeonliness to point out some of the articles that have sprung up in its wake.

The Seattle Times provides some stronger stuff for those hooked by the gateway drug of the film. It’s a pretty representative list, from serious criticism to the Jane Austen Mysteries.

USAToday has an article about Kirstin Olsen, who has written a two-volume, 800-page encyclopedia called All About Austen. We find this astounding.

Details on Austen’s world are scattered, so research led Olsen to universities, the Library of Congress and the Internet. She located experts on pens, vehicles, optics and dress with a goal to synthesize information and present it in entertaining fashion.