PRIDE AND PREJUDICE to be shown in the U.K. with the "alternative" ending


The public has spoken: we received the following press release today.

Pride and Prejudice re-released with Alternative ending

Last week saw the US release of Universal and Working Title’s hugely successful film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. What followed was a phenomenal wave of British press and public interest in debate about the extended ending that has never been released to UK audiences.

On Friday 25th November, United International Pictures will release this extended version in selected theatres across the UK and Ireland.

Producer Paul Webster said, “We were absolutely delighted in the continued interest in Pride & Prejudice and are excited about the opportunity to show the US ending to the British public.”

We’ll try to find out which theatres will show the extended version.

ETA: The list of theatres will become available next week. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear.

ETA: Alert Janeite Michele A. linked to an article from the Daily Mail in the comments.