Pride and Prejudice is now a BedBook


Following in our unintended theme (though we are enjoying it) of discussing various editions of Jane Austen’s novels this week, Alert Janeite/Brontëite Cristina let us know that Pride and Prejudice is available as a BedBook, both in hardback and paperback editions.

“What is a BedBook?” you may well be asking. They are books printed sideways so that one might more easily read it while lying on one’s side in bed. From the BedBooks site:

Bed Books are specifically designed to be read when lying on one’s side.

The patent pending sideways text layout of Bed Books affords total comfort and eliminates the back and neck strain associated with the contorted body positions normally required for reading conventional books while lying down, and usually propped up, in bed.

While this is rather clever, we think that reading whilst lying on our side would make us dizzy. We tend to employ the time-tested “prop it on the tummy” method.