James McAvoy cast in BECOMING JANE


Well, the title says it all. James McAvoy is now being included in cast lists for BECOMING JANE, though it is unclear which part he will have. We suppose it is safe to assume that he will be Tom Lefroy.

McAvoy has recently been in THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE and also has had parts in WIMBLEDON and the television films STATE OF PLAY and BAND OF BROTHERS.

Miramax Films, apparently having realized that The Jane Austen Phenomenon Is Not Quite Over Yet, will be distributing the film in the U.S.

We are slightly horrified by the description of the film being provided to the press:

The film centers on a love affair Austen began as a 20-year-old — with brilliant, roguish Irishman Tom Lefroy — that inspired her career as one of the world’s great romantic writers. The movie also looks at how the writer’s relationship with Lefroy helped create the male characters in “Pride & Prejudice.”

There are so many things wrong with that sentence that we are quite in despair. Dorothy, place an order for several gross of sporks, please.