Have you yet honoured the Upper Rooms?


(It has been whispered to us that an Individual in one of the many online discussion groups related to Jane Austen’s work has expressed concern that the Editrix has an “unhealthy obsession with Henry Tilney.” While we appreciate the concern, we must respond, invoking the common wisdom of another of our fandoms, “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” But we digress from the subject at hand.)

The Telegraph has an article about historical Assembly Rooms that are still in use today as local arts centres. As there is a law of physics that states that any article mentioning “Bath” and “Assembly Rooms” must also include “Jane Austen” or the Internets implode, naturally her name pops up.

Jane Austen loved an assembly room ball. When her family moved to Bath, she became part of a lively social whirl that revolved around concerts and weekly dances at the town’s assemblies, a scene reflected in her books.

And it’s actually all true and completely unobjectionable! Bravo!

“We started a campaign to raise half a million pounds to restore the Assembly Rooms,” said Lloyd. The restoration was completed in 1993. “Our goal was to recreate the Rooms as a thriving independent venue offering arts and education-based activities similar to the original concept. The only difference between then and now is that the dances and card parties are gone.”

Jane Austen would no doubt have been sad about the dances, but would surely have been pleased that assembly rooms, in Ludlow and around the country, are thriving once more.

No doubt she would have been sad about the dances. We thought this was kind of a sweet article, and there’s even a little pic of the Upper Rooms, which makes us warm and fuzzy. Bath is indeed the Happiest Place On Earth™!