A little more info on Sensibilidad


Alert Janeite Cinthia found some more information on SENSIBILIDAD. The article is in Spanish and available only on Google cache, but she kindly provided a translation.

– What are you doing now as a film director?

– I am finishing a very entertaining film in Mexico, it is called “Esperanza” [it means “Hope”], which was filmed last October. In September or October this year I start filming another in the United States.

– What is this film project about?

– I am filming a version of the novel Sense and Sensibility, set for the contemporary “chicana” [Latin] community. It is an adaptation of the work by Jane Austen, the 19th Century English writer. But it will not be a period adaptation.

– What are you going to do with it?

– Ang Lee has already shot a period film with Emma Thompson. I am setting the story, from a special adaptation, in the contemporary chicano world in Los Angeles, with much emphasis on the Latino. I think it will turn out to be very interesting.

– Is it the same project on which you are working with the Cuban scriptwriter Julio Carrillo?

– No, in this work I am having the help of wonderful Cuban writer Luis Alfaro.

This just confirms what we already knew, and adds a tiny bit more information. Well, it’s not really S&S4; shall we choose the Official Janeite Nickname? We nominate S&S L.A.