Luis Alfaro, the screenwriter of the upcoming modern-set adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, found AustenBlog and answered a few questions about the film for us.

We were approached about a year ago by a great company that did a lovely film called Garden State to do a contemporary adaptation of this great Austen work. We read and re-read the novel so many times. We have seen all of the adaptations of her work, both here in the U.S. and internationally. This is an English language feature film that begins filming in November in Los Angeles. We love the title Sensibilidad because the story has a Mexican-American slant, but I am sure something more commercial will be attached once the film is done. It is very much a contemporary romantic comedy and we hope we do justice to Austen.

Thanks for posting, Luis, and best of luck with the film! We’ll look forward to it. (And we love the title SENSIBILIDAD!)