Masterpiece Theatre to Broadcast Jane Austen Festival in 2007


ETA: Masterpiece Theatre will broadcast the films starting in January 2008.

Most excellent news indeed! Alert Janeite and Intrepid Reporter Heather L. spotted a tidbit in one of the NA2007 press releases about WGBH (the PBS station that produces Masterpiece Theatre) broadcasting the new adaptation. She e-mailed the station and received the following response:

Northanger Abbey is currently scheduled to air as part of the Masterpiece Theatre series in November 2007. It will air along with Mansfield Park, Sense & Sensibility and Persuasion as part of a Jane Austen Festival.

We already knew about S&S on Masterpiece Theatre, but this is excellent news for the rest of the films! We’ll be getting these about six months behind the U.K., we believe.

Looks like they won’t be including EMMA (the 1996 version with Kate Beckinsale) as ITV will, since A&E owns the rights to that on this side of the pond, and A&E is busy with roller derby and bounty hunters these days. 😀