A stroll till breakfast was likely to be ready


Captain, oh Captain! We received numerous e-mails from Alert Janeites today, including Sylvia M, Lisa, and Julie T, and Carol also posted in comments, about an article in Hello! magazine featuring photos of PERSUASION filming in Lyme Regis, particularly a lovely one of Rupert Penry-Jones, which we promptly stole downloaded. Click on the photos at Hello! to see larger versions; unfortunately the “group” photo is cut off at the right, but we are fairly certain that is Sally Hawkins as Anne Elliot looking back at Captain Wentworth… (anybody else having Richard Armitage flashbacks? But we’re not bitter, really.) The costumes look great.

Sylvia M also found a few more photos at Rex Features, which is why we are able to be so certain that it’s Anne looking back longingly.

ETA: a link would be helpful, wouldn’t it? *slaps self with Clue Trout*