Modern film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility to premiere in Muncie, Indiana


Make haste, Midwestern Janeites! ELLIE AND MARIANNE, a student film that is a modern take on Sense and Sensibility, will premiere TOMORROW NIGHT in Muncie, Indiana.

“Hopefully Jane Austen won’t roll over in her grave,” she says, betraying one of few times some anxiety about the premier.

A production of Ball State’s Department of Telecommunications, the film was funded by the school and used student cast and crew. It’s their first time doing a feature-length film and part of its Summer High Def Project, training students in high definition film technology.

As Thurber describes her fledgeling writing career and interests, it appears she’s a Janeite (a devotee of all things Austen), although the word never crosses her lips.

“I first became a fan after visiting the Jane Austen Centre in Bath (England),” Thurber says. In her early teens at the time, she’d traveled with family to trace their heritage. She was enchanted by the genteel sense of high society Austen conveyed through her work, plus her observational humor and sly wit.

Since it’s filmed in HD, one hopes there might eventually be some kind of limited DVD distribution…if any AustenBlog readers get to see it, send us a report!