Several Alert Janeites found it. Go watch it.

Our immediate thoughts:

Maggie Smith makes us laugh NO MATTER WHAT.

James McAvoy is very very cute!

We must retire.


P.S. We just came across this article and had to share part of it.

How did you research your new novel, The House of Meetings. You have not, I believe, ever been to Russia? OKSANA EVERTS, London

No. I did it by reading (and imagining). The Daily Mail school of criticism would have it that all writers, including Tolstoy and Shakespeare, are sneak thieves and bagsnatchers (see the recent non-scandal, indeed non-story, centred on Ian McEwan). But reading is the other half of writing, or the other third: you write, you read, and you live.

Exactly. You don’t have to LIVE something to write about it. Imagination is a strange, wonderful, scary and occasionally genius-inspiring thing. We think Martin Amis is a bit of a blowhard but this is just brilliant. And we would love to get our hands on a full copy of his NORTHANGER ABBEY screenplay (Martin, if you’re reading this, e-mail’s over there to the right, bubba).