A site for Sense and Sensibilidad


Alert Janeite Lisa found a page for the film Sense and Sensibilidad at the producer’s Web site with a synopsis of the plot.

Sense & Sensibilidad is a latina version of Jane Austen′s classic novel set in modern-day Los Angeles. It is the tale of two sisters: Mary, a young beauty who chooses passion over logic and Nora, a law student whose fixed moral compass keeps her from following her desires. They are uprooted, along with their mother, from their luxurious lifestyle in San Marino when their father suddenly passes away. Out of money and out of options, the women move into their great aunt Aurelia′s modest, but lively home in the Latino-centric Boyle Heights neighborhood. The women find themselves thrown into a world that, despite their heritage, seems completely foreign. However, over time, they uncover the joy, laughter and beauty of the culture they once fought so desperately to hide. In the process they find the one thing that eluded them: love.

Hey, wait a minute! Where’s the burgeoning sexual and romantic discovery? We thought S&S was about burgeoning sexual and romantic discovery. The BBC says so, so it must be true.

Note the cast is TBA. Can we get some love for the gorgeous and talented America Ferrera as Nora? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase? There’s a nest of Ugly Betty fans here at AustenBlog/Molland’s ready to represent for our girl!