In the spring a Janeite's fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love


A couple of “She’s Everywhere” type items for a slow news night.

Alert Janeite Robin pointed out that Aishwarya Rai, the star of Bride and Prejudice, got married over the weekend. Bet she didn’t have Naveen Andrews doing his “Indian M.C. Hammer” bit at her sangeet, though (a shame). We’ve been dancing around singing “No Life Without Wife” and “A Wedding Has Come To Town” all weekend. Give you joy, you crazy kids!

Alert Janeite Kirsten sent us a link to an article about spring in New York that starts with a very familiar-sounding sentence!

We have a new-book roundup post planned for sometime this week when we actually surf away from Cute Overload and Go Fug Yourself and a few fascinating Internet trainwrecks, er, debates going on right now and DO it. So hang in there, and thanks to those who have sent links to new books–they’ll be in the roundup. In the meantime, you can go read some of our semi-coherent ranting about Becoming Jane Austen over at Molland’s.