"I have not forgot your description of Mr. Tilney."


If the ITV Jane Austen Season is so last March, so six months away, or not on the schedule, take heart: a stage play may be coming to your neighborhood this summer or fall! The On Stage and On Stage Soon sidebar categories will keep the Alert Janeite up to date with what’s happening where.

A Northanger Abbey stage play, written and directed by Tim Luscombe, will run 6-29 September at the Salisbury Playhouse in Wiltshire, Catherine Morland’s own neighborhood. See Solitary Elegance (my web site) for a summary of the play and reviews of the 2004 production at the York Theatre Royal. A complete cast list will be posted there when available; for the present Gregory Finnegan has been cast as Henry Tilney.

The box office is open at the Salisbury Playhouse’s web site, which lists several special performance days and promises more details to come about a UK tour. (Any chance for a tour across the pond? Never hurts to beg ask.)