"Keep your breath to cool your porridge, — and I shall keep mine to swell my song."


Pride and Prejudice has inspired filmmakers, authors, and of course readers for 200 years, so it is perhaps not wonderful that there currently are three musical adaptations of Pride and Prejudice that we know of. We blogged about one last week that should see Broadway next year sometime, and we previously have written about another adaptation that is being seriously considered by some regional theaters. Ms. Place of Jane Austen’s World reminds us that the latter production is posting an mp3 of a different song from the soundtrack each week; the current song available for download is “A Husband,” sung by Mrs. Bennet. We have a CD of this soundtrack and will be reviewing it as soon as we have some quiet time to give it the proper attention. A sampler of each song is available on the play’s Web site.

Ms. Place also discovered a third adaptation, first performed in 1986 and more recently staged in 2003 after some rewriting. Samples of the songs from that adaptation are also available.

The good news to take from this is that it is likely that at least one of these plays might be coming to a theater near you!