Sunday Bookblogging: Yes, We Know It's Not Friday Edition


Friday was a bit fraught here at AustenBlog World Headquarters, and we spent Saturday recovering on our fainting-sopha, so here we are on Sunday with all the latest news about Jane Austen’s novels and books related to them.

Alert Janeite Kay sent us a link to Minnesota Public Radio’s program with David Shapard, editor of The Annotated Pride and Prejudice. Unfortunately we were unable to listen to the program as we don’t have the Real player on our computer; we confess we are wondering why there is an image of a different edition of Pride and Prejudice displayed, and even more concerned that the author is listed as “Jane Austin.” Surely an edition of P&P edited by Claudia Johnson doesn’t have Austen misspelled on the cover, does it? Surely not!

Cheryl Klein has a great post on her blog about reading Jane Austen’s novels at particular seasons. Book groups could find this very useful, and we think any Janeite could as well.

If you would like to try some audio versions of Jane Austen’s novels, Nikolle Doolin continues her series of podcasts of individual chapters of Persuasion.

We stumbled across a blog post at The Spectacled Bear announcing a new version of Persuasion in Portuguese.

And here’s the best bit: It’s a parallel text edition, which means you get the Portuguese text alongside the original.

How cool is that?

Alert Janeite Lisa sent us an article about how, rather than the usual Dead White Men whose work predominates in Western culture, lately the ladies have had their share in the conversation, and of course Jane Austen is included.

Take Dead White Female author Jane Austen. She might still not be on every freshman English major’s first-semester required reading list, but her work has been heartily consumed by the entertainment industry: serious BBC adaptations, tongue-in-cheek contemporary reinterpretations, and, most recently, a glamorized pseudo-bio of Austen’s own life called Becoming Jane (in theaters now) that turns her into one of her own heroines. There are also Austen-themed tarot cards, blogs edited by devoted Janeites,

Hey! 😀

fan fiction, musicals, even YouTube mash-ups that dub contemporary shows such as Gilmore Girls with Regency-era dialogue.

And lastly, we received two new books at AustenBlog World Headquarters: Just Jane by Nancy Moser, a fictionalized biography of Jane Austen, and an annotated version of Pride and Prejudice that is being released concurrently by the same publisher, Bethany House. Here is a review of Just Jane, and look for AustenBlog’s reviews of both books (as well as a giveaway).

In the meantime, don’t forget to register for the drawing to win a copy of Letters From Pemberley. You have until Monday night at 10 p.m. Eastern time.