Sense & Sensibilidad to film next year?


Alert Janeite Carmen found an article about Fina Torres, the director who is hoping to bring Sense and Sensibilidad to the screen. The article is in Spanish, but Carmen provided a rough translation of the pertinent parts.

“Un té en La Habana” and “Sense and Sensibilidad” are the titles of Torres for realising for the end of the year and 2008.

“‘Sense and Sensibilidad’ is the chicana version of Jane Austen’s novel, which will be filmed with locations in México and deep México from the East Los Angeles”, a zone that the director knows very well due to her seven years of living in the big city of California.

The director and mexican writer Luis Alfaro are finishing the script and they are waiting for the opening in 2008 in USA, where the film projects for the latin market are in fashion for independent producers and big Hollywood productions. < >

She says: ”I have a strange relation with my films, they born from something purely emocional, it’s not about thoughtful projects, calculated, they are more deep, you make it, you direct it, you show it and and then you have to release”. “I suppose it’s a relation which seems to be like a son/daughter relation”

It’s hard to tell if the 2008 filming is definite, but we hope it is, because the project sounds fascinating.