We appear to be superfluous


Cub Reporter Heather L. pointed us to a delightfully snarky review of Becoming Jane in The Prague Post. It’s true we’ve had a touch of blogging malaise lately (and apologize for it and promise to do better), but they’re just treading on our territory now. Not that we don’t love it. We feel rather as though we strayed into a sort of literary version of “the dozens.” Dorothy has made popcorn; help yourself!

The creators of Becoming Jane undoubtedly congratulated themselves on their cleverness in reimagining Austen’s life as being a mere blueprint for Pride and Prejudice, so we needn’t bother.


It is too much to hope for some semblance of truthfulness in a Hollywood film, so one must salute Becoming Jane with that highest of praise: “It could have been worse.”


While Jane and Lefroy circle each other like a road company Benedict and Beatrice, her mother is trying to wed her to the nephew of Lady Gresham (Maggie Smith). The nephew, Mr. Wisely (Laurence Fox), is a rather stiff, unimaginative suitor, though he’s fallen under the spell of Jane’s wit (a quality that the script strives to keep at bay).

OH! That’ll leave a mark!

As a dodgy Cliff’s Notes to Austen’s work, Becoming Jane is sure to appeal to those who buy books for their covers.

We think someone has been served. (Click through and read the rest of the review, it’s quite hilarious.)