"The Beautifull Cassandra" at Taos Youth Ballet


We blogged back in July about a musical version of “The Beautifull Cassandra,” a story from Jane Austen’s juvenilia, performed in Taos, New Mexico. We heard from the composer, Joanna Forman, that the Taos Youth Ballet has created a dance version of the piece, which will be performed on Saturday, November 17 (that’s this Saturday) at the HACT Building, 1021 Salazar in Taos.

Joanne also has a CD of the piece available to purchase for $8. Contact the Editrix for details.

There’s more information about the ballet at the link above and after the jump.

“THE BEAUTIFULL CASSANDRA” is a story Jane Austen wrote when she was just twelve—and having a bit of trouble with her spelling. Forman set it to music for flutist Tina Hahn and lever (or “Celtic”) harpist Julie Norem-Hawley. A major feature was an accompanying slide show of delightful illustrations by Canadian artist Judith McMaster. This was the featured work at the THIRD ANNUAL SOUNDSCAPES YOUTH CONCERT at the Taos Public Library on TUESDAY JULY 31 at 1 p.m.

But Cassandra is by no means finished! She has leaped off the page, become flesh and is the star of a dance version to be presented by the TAOS YOUTH BALLET on Saturday November 17 at 12 noon at the HACT building, 1021 Salazar. (Look for HACT on the side of the building.) This is a FREE presentation, and of course everyone is welcome. Choreography is by the creator and director of TAOS YOUTH BALLET Amber Vasquez. Many of the costumes are by the mothers of the young dancers—including, of course the famous hat, and bring to delightful life the illustrations by Juliet McMaster in the book published by Sono Nis Press.