A real-life Jane Austen Book Club


We got a kick out of this post on Feeling Kinda Blog Today about a real-life Jane Austen Book Club.

Recently we saw the movie “The Jane Austen Book Club” because in our infinite nerdiness we deeply love all things having to do with oldsy timesy. The movie was ok, but it got us to thinking that we would really love to read all the JA books (there are only six) since both of us had only ever read Pride and Prejudice.

Thus was born “The Brooke and Mom Jane Austen Book Club”. Once a month we read a different JA book. While reading it I send a barrage of emails to mom saying “What do you think is going to happen? Do you think he still loves her?” Or we email each other using JA expressions “dearest Mom, you are so droll. I would be monstrous happy if you should yes lend me twenty pounds for luncheon.” Or Mom gets confused by all the characters and emails me for clarity (I’m good at keeping track of epic large families) “Mom, the reason you are confused is because Mr. Dashwood and Mr. John Dashwood are separate people.” Then, we set a date to meet and discuss the book at a location that is somehow connected to the book.

Sounds like a great idea to us! We also were thoroughly amused by Brooke’s summary of Northanger Abbey:

-Catherine used to be ugly, now she’s ok looking so she leaves her giant family and goes to Bath with some friends.
– She meets a guy and totally starts crushing on him.
– She makes a friend who is a whopping beyotch.
– Catherine slyly makes friends with her crushes little sister who then invites her to Northanger Abbey cause Bath is like, so last year.
– Catherine goes to Northanger Abbey with crush, crush’s little sister, and crushes creepy mean dad. Fun!
– Catherine suspects creepy mean crush dad of being a killer and of killing his wife, logical. (She’s been reading too many gothic novels) While getting busted by crush for sneaking around forbidden rooms in the Abbey she confesses to him that she thinks his dad is a killer. Clearly she’s laying down the groundwork for a great romance here.
– Crush is mad and puts her in her place, but he still likes her, the crazy kid.
– Suddenly Catherine is cast out of Northanger Abbey rudely and sent back to her giant family.
– Crush comes chasing after her and arrives by horse days later to announce that his father cast her out because he was under the misconception that she was wealthy and then he found out she wasn’t and kicked her to the curb. Crush still loves her though, cause she’s got spunk. Crush proposes, all is well. The good people prosper in the end and marriages ensue like a Shakespeare comedy on speed.

We hope that Brooke and Mom enjoyed Sense and Sensibility, and can’t wait to read all about their next meeting.