Paul Auster: Friend of Jane


Novelist Paul Auster (whose books are usually snugged up against Jane Austen’s on the bookstore shelf) thinks Jane Austen is a genius. We concur!

“A strange thing happened to me, proving how personal reading is: when, aged around 20, I read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen, who I consider a genius, I noticed as I read that all the novel’s action was taking place in the house where I grew up. I had transposed everything into my own world, into a familiar setting, all the more easily because Jane Austen is very parsimonious with descriptions.”

That’s a really great observation, and very true; and typical of a novelist to notice it, and not as typical as perhaps it should be to learn from it. 🙂

Thanks to Alert Janeite Lisa for the link!