And now for something completely different


After the rather depressing post about dumbed-down Austen yesterday (and having visited the site, yes, they are dumbed-down, and there’s no other way to put it), fortunately Alert Janeite Laurie Viera Rigler sent us several YouTube videos as a bit of amusement.

First up is a little animation from Emma, made as an AP Literature project.

Next is a send up of Regency dramas in general, featuring some actors (and gowns) we’ve all seen before, and Alan Rickman in regimentals!

Did we mention it has Alan Rickman in regimentals? No? Alan Rickman in regimentals, being funny?

And lastly, a parody of Pride and Prejudice that is rather tasteless and not all that funny but we sort of laughed at the pond scene, and then felt dirty. No Alan Rickman in regimentals, unfortunately. Can’t embed, so here’s the link, but remember: tasteless.

Pride and Racial Prejudice

We have some more stuff that we’ll post tonight, promise! In the meantime, consider this an open thread. So are we excited about the Complete Jane Austen?