The way she's running, you would think the Borg Queen was chasing her or something


We were very much amused by the latest YouTube madness: a parody of the final part of Persuasion 07, with Anne running through the streets of Bath accompanied to the music from, in turn, Chariots of Fire, Benny Hill, and Run, Lola, Run.

Thanks to Alert Janeite LauraGrace for the link!

Alert Janeite Julie sent us a link to a rather amusing page on the PBS Complete Jane Austen site: The Men of Austen. First the command: Show the Men! Oh, if it were always that easy!

We were further amused by the “personal ads” for each gentleman. For instance, Henry Tilney’s interests are listed as: “Reading, dancing, fashion, shopping, storytelling, spending time with my sister.” *falls over laughing* Poor Henry! Don’t worry, your acolytes still love you even amidst your undeserved public humiliation. Nonetheless, we chose Tom B. as “Our Man” because of his artistically flowing locks. Yum.

The only article not a rehash of everything we’ve heard before was in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, which included this tidbit:

The bottom line is this. If you’re a fan of Austen’s feisty females (and millions are ), you’re in for a treat each Sunday night for the next three months.

Or maybe not.

I watched three of the preview DVDs with an Austen aficionado of my most intimate acquaintance and she informed me the productions were “uneven.” I’ll have to take her word for it since I’m no great Austen expert.

Wow! He committed actual journalism. How refreshing.

13 thoughts on “The way she's running, you would think the Borg Queen was chasing her or something

  1. Ally

    OMG that was amazing!! Actually I noticed during the Chariots of Fire bit that from some angles it actually looks like the letter Anne is holding is a baton!! I half expected the rest of her team to yank it from her! Anny Hill was just…oh my sides hurt!! I wish this had been made by someone involved in post production before they finished the show so that they could see how ridiculous this scene was!!
    I’m playing Anny Hill again….too good!


  2. robin

    What is Anny Hill? I searched on IMDb and google and came up with Fanny Hill and Annie Hall, but not Anny Hill. Now Fanny Hill I know since it’s in my period .. but Anny?? By the way, I never knew how many films have “Fanny Hill” in the title; for instance, “Fanny Hill meets Dr. Erotico” (known in the USA as “Fanny Hill meets Dr. Exotico”)


  3. Reeba

    LOL!! That was real fun. Hilarious!!!

    I think Anny has been substituted in place of Benny of Benny Hill, the music playing was from that series.


  4. Tina B.

    I liked the personal ads, but were the modern-day equivalent of the income figures correct? Edward’s total-dependence-on-his-mother income is $60,000 per year? Elinor’s “competence” was 1,000 pounds = $600,000 per year???


  5. robin

    Tina, see Brad De Long’s piece titled “How Rich Is Fitzwilliam Darcy?”
    According to De Long, Darcy’s ten thousand pounds a year would give him about six million dollars in annual disposable income in modern terms. I’m guessing that is where the 1,000 pounds = $600,000 per year estimate comes from.
    The De Long piece and the associated comments make interesting reading, and I think other academic economists have since added to this ongoing discussion.


  6. Anna

    Also, Tina, I believe (but feel free to correct me) that Elinor was only to receive a single sum of 1,000 pounds on her marriage. So her entire inheritence was $600,000, and she wasn’t going to get that every single year.


  7. Tina B.

    Robin – Thanks for the link. Intuitively, $300,000 sounds more accurate to me, but I do understand the $6m if you consider what the money bought compared to today. I was just thinking if I went out for the evening and met someone who made $6m per year!! That would never happen, although meeting someone who makes $300,000 would probably give me the same feeling that the people at the Meryton assembly felt.

    Anna – I was referring to the conversation between Elinor, Marianne and Edward where they are talking about how much money they would like to have to live on. Elinor wants wealth, while Marianne insists that she only needs a competence. And then it turns out that Marianne’s competence is 2,000 a year while Elinor’s wealth is 1,000 a year. That’s in chapter 17.


  8. Anna

    Well that just proves how little I know S&S! Thanks for the clarification. Lol Marianne’s competence vs Elinor’s wealth!


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