Region 1 NA 2007 DVDs do not restore scenes from Region 2


We heard from Alert Janeite Cinthia, who preordered the new Persuasion and Northanger Abbey Region 1 DVDs and received them on Saturday. She reports that on the NA DVD, scenes have cut from the original ITV broadcast. Running time is listed on the DVD as 86 minutes. We’re trying to get more information.

ETA: Cinthia reports that Persuasion is the full version as broadcast in the UK. It lists a running time of 93 minutes, which we believe is the same as the original ITV broadcast (the PBS broadcast was 7 minutes or so shorter). She also said the film is distributed by BBC America, and NA by WGBH Video, as is MP, so we suspect the DVD of that film might be similarly cut as well. You will recall that NA and MP were distributed in Region 2 by a different company from the Persuasion distributor. All three films were produced by different companies, so Clerkenwell must have struck their own deals.

It would probably help if we had a rundown of exactly what scenes were cut for the PBS broadcast. It is possible that they restored some but not all of the scenes cut for broadcast. Post in comments if you noticed a missing scene that isn’t listed.

Cut from NA for the PBS broadcast (we’ll add to this as we get more info)

–Catherine and Mrs. Allen at the Rooms; they go into the tea room, have “how uncomfortable it is to have no acquaintance” conversation; Isabella and John Thorpe stare at Catherine and giggle together
–In the carriage after the ball, Mr. Allen tells Catherine that he investigated Henry’s background, and he is a clergyman (Catherine pulls a sullen face at the news)
–Catherine’s bathtub fantasy scene
–Catherine and Isabella running after young men who ogled them in the Pump Room
–Catherine, Eleanor, and Henry on a second country walk. Catherine and Eleanor discuss marriage for love vs. marriage for money, Isabella and Frederick, and Catherine confesses to Eleanor that she has “terrible dreams sometimes.”
–Catherine saying goodbye to the Allens; Mr. Allen observes, “Those great people don’t like to be kept waiting”
–Catherine and Eleanor run through Northanger to make dinner on time
–Apple tossing scene
–Catherine burning copy of Udolpho

Cinthia reports all of these scenes are missing on the DVD.

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  1. Joan Reynolds

    I believe (not having watched the whole film at one sitting) they cut a scene near the beginning at the Bath Upper Rooms when Catherine and Mrs Allen managed to force their way into the tea room, sat down, and having no party to talk to and no tea to drink, were forced to get up again. It was very well done, and emphasized the sheer squash of people and how out of the social mainstream the two women felt.


  2. Stefanie

    Also, they cut the scene when Catherine is waiting in the Allen’s home for the Tilneys to pick her up and take her with them to Northanger. Catherine looks out the window and sees that the Tilneys have arrived, and then Mr. Allen says something to the effect of “These sort of people don’t like to wait.”


  3. Cinthia

    With more information, the DVD case at the back states as approximate running time as 86 minutes, I would have to check how long it registers while playing it, but it was not above 90 minutes.

    Those two scenes you mention Mags are NOT in the DVD that I received (though I do not mind the tub scene is missing, I can do without it).

    You are also right, Joan, that scene is also missing in the DVD, and IIRC we should also should have had a glimpse of the Thorpes before Catherine and Mrs. Allen meet Da Man, that even Catherine notices they are staring at them. None of them are present in the DVD.

    Another one missing in the DVD is the carriage scene just after having met Da Man and Mr. Allen informs them that he is a clergyman, and Catherine is not please with the news (a bad scene, so I admit, I can deal without it).

    The scene at NA after the General has left, when Catherine, Henry and Eleanor are picking apples from the trees does not appear in the region 1 DVD either.


  4. Also, Isabella’s running after the two rattles she pretends to shun wasn’t in the broadcast.

    Really a bummer about the apples. Why was such a thing done? The bath and bookburning I can live cheerfully without, but Tilneys and Cathy appling, and little details from the book, are quite a blow. This does not bode well.


  5. Jan

    From what I saw on PBS for Persuasion and Northanger Abbey I was greatly disappointed. The original ITV broadcast was much better.
    For Persuasion the second trip to Lyme with Fredrick was cut the scene with Admiral Croft and wife in the looking glass room was cut a key element was when Mrs Croft mentioned about how Fredrick never got over the disappointment with Anne.


  6. Celia

    I think they also cut a short scene from the PBS broadcast in which Eleanor and Catherine run through Northanger to make dinner in time while General Tilney looks at his watch.


  7. That totally sucks–it’s bad enough that the films are not being broadcast in their entirety, but those who wish to buy them should be able to purchase the film as it was made. That’s like selling an abridged book.


  8. Cinthia, going through my copy I found a couple scenes I’m not sure about:

    –Catherine and Isabella talking about Isabella dancing with Tibby. I think that was in the broadcast but was it perhaps cut a bit?
    –The second country walk, where Catherine and Eleanor discuss marrying for love vs. for money, and Catherine whispers that she has “the most terrible dreams”

    Are they on the DVD? Were they on the broadcast, does anyone remember?


  9. Maisy

    I wonder who is distributing S&S 2008? I wonder if they’re going to cut that one, too (with Miss Austen Regrets on it)?


  10. Allison T.

    Mags, could you clarify what this Region I and 2 business are? How will we in the hinterlands of the US know which version(s) to avoid? Will the DVDs say “Region 1” on the label? or must we infer from the running length?


  11. Most commercial DVDs are coded to be played in a particular region of the world, due to various rights agreements, royalties, distribution agreements, etc. Region 1 is the U.S. and Canada. Region 2 is Europe and some other countries. Here is a chart (scroll down).

    Please keep in mind that Region 2 DVDs cannot be played on DVD players set to Region 1. There are players that can be “hacked” to play all regions–it usually involves punching some numbers into your remote in a certain order. If you don’t have a player that can be hacked, then you can’t play these DVDs. Tony A. has some tips in an old thread, here. You can also Google “DVD player all region hacks” to see if your DVD player is already programmable. They don’t make it that easy to do.

    This is not just a matter of “buy the right version.” The U.S. and Canada are, in effect, shut out of owning the full version unless the purchaser is somewhat technically savvy. This is a pretty big deal.


  12. Cinthia

    Sorry to delay this long to reply.

    I’ve scanned the P3 DVD and I am happy to report that it is the complete version, the 3 scenes that I remembered that had been deleted from the broadcast (the Crofts and Sir Walter’s mirrors, the first meeting with Mr. Elliot at the Cobb where Captain Wentworth noticed the former admiring Anne and the “wet captains” scenes) have been restored to the DVD. As I mentioned to Mags, I attribute it to the fact that BBC (America) Video is distributing P3 in DVD region 1 (this of course will create confusion among the un-initiated who will believe this is a BBC production, which we know it is not).

    As for NA2, I am trying to scan all it again to find more scenes missing apart from those we have already identified. The Catherine and Isabella conversation after the latter danced with Capt. Tilney is in the DVD, but I am not sure if it has been shortened from the original. It is also very difficult to scan this DVD, there are only 6 scene selections of aproximately 15 minutes each segment, I have not been able to find if the Catherine and Elinor conversation about the “terrible dreams” yet, was it at Bath or at NA?

    As for S&S3, the image of the DVD cover provided at the WGBH Shop shows the BBC logo, so I am believing this will be distributed also by BBC Video as P3 is, so we may trust it will be the complete version. However, to be certain, perhaps we should contact BBC America and inquire about its content here is the link to the place to do so:

    I am wondering a lot of things about the S&S3 region 1 DVD. We know it will include “Miss Austen Regrets”, but what about the deleted scenes, interviews and commentaries that are in the region 2 DVD, will they be also present in the region 1 DVD? I am more than willing to pay more if the DVD includes all, and I mean, ALL the extra materials.


  13. Cinthia, the “terrible dreams” scene is in Bath, I think right before they leave for NA. Catherine has a conversation with Eleanor that she has with Henry in the book, about Frederick leaving Isabella alone since she’s engaged.


  14. Julie P.

    I have the region 2 disc of S&S (check this site for a lot of good information on hacks:, and would consider buying the region 1 disc (even if it’s abridged) if it’s the only way to get Miss Austen Regrets. But, given how much I dislike 3 of the 4 new novel adaptations, I would have to watch it on PBS before spending the money.


  15. Cinthia

    More on the S&S3 DVD, Amazon is listing 2 different DVD’s, there are not many Product Details yet, but BBC Warner is mentioned as the studio producing the DVD.

    About the 2 different DVD’s, one $10.50 more expensive than the other.

    The cheapest it says it includes 2 DVD’s and does not mention running time:

    The other (and more expensive) apparently includes 3 DVD’s, the format says Collector’s Edition and a running time of 269 minutes (it also says “starring CF, which I think it is wrong). For the moment I am pre-ordering the 3 DVD version:


  16. Cinthia

    Another update on this DVD’s issues. WGBH Shop has more details about the 3 DVD Collector’s Edition, apparently the 3rd DVD is P3, so no need for the Collector’s if one already owns P3:

    According to WGBH Shop also the 2 DVD’s edition among its special features, beside Miss Austen Regrets, includes also:

    Audio commentaries
    Interviews with producer Anne Pivcevic and writer Andrew Davies
    Photo gallery
    Deleted scenes

    So, apparently, this edition will have anything we might require.


  17. Hillary

    I watched Northanger Abbey online and was thrilled when I found out I could purchase it through PBS. So you can imagine my dissapointment when I saw it hacked to bits last Sunday. Honestly, what is wrong with America?
    Thanks for posting a description of the deleted scenes everyone.


  18. Julie P.

    It’s that PBS, like every other television network in the US, likes its programming to fit nicely into little blocks of 30, 60, 90, 120, etc. minutes. Unfortunately, in order to get the programming in for 90 minutes and still manage to squeeze in Gillian Anderson’s inane commentary, the usual PBS self-contratulatory spiel, the commercials whose existence they still deny, as well as previews of next week’s show, they have used up several of those 90 minutes. And, instead of cutting back on those extras, they cut back on the program itself. And they don’t even tell anyone about it. As I pointed out before, Rebecca Eaton wasn’t going to say anything about Persuasion being cut until I called her on it at the Cooper Union screening. In an era where countless North American fans have the ability to have seen these programs in their original state, it’s unconscionable for them to make cuts and expect nobody to notice.

    It’s also unconscionable for them to expect hardcore fans to shell out money so this behavior can continue unchecked.


  19. Cinthia

    Mags, you are absolutely right, the Catherine and Eleanor conversation about “the terrible dreams” is entirely missing (a little more than a minute) in the broadcast and the DVD. I had to find the YouTube file to watch the scene and then I could place where should have been in the DVD.

    It happens before the scene when Isabella is upset about what the Morlands will do for James, that they will have to wait for years and Catherine leaves clear that the Allens are under no obligation to do anything for the Morland children, then comes Catherine and Eleanor conversation which includes much more than the terrible dreams, Eleanor argues that she understands why Isabella is upset to have to wait 2 years, then that Catherine has had a dangerous upbringing according to Henry, because she believe all marriages were about love, and then the terrible dreams. Then it follows the announcement that the Tilneys are leaving Bath.

    In the DVD from the scene with Isabella, it skips directly to the announcement that the Tilneys are leaving, no conversation between Catherine and Eleanor at all.


  20. Ela

    Anyone know who does the commentaries for S&S3 DVD? I’m hoping some of the actors are on the commentary. Also wondering what those deleted scenes are…anymore scenes with the fabulous DM?


  21. Julie P.

    On the region 2 disc, it’s the director (John Alexander), the producer (can’t remember her name), Dan Stevens and Hattie Morahan. I’ve only listened to a few minutes of it, but am looking forward to the rest.

    Who is the “fabulous DM?”


  22. Marianya

    RE: posts 21 & 22

    I think the DM that is mentioned is referred to David Morrissey the one that plays Colonel Brandon…

    Well… that’s what _I_ would like to think DM is… πŸ˜‰


  23. Diana I-C

    The “Catherine burning Udolpho” scene is deffinatley the only one I was glad was gone.
    Eveyone else’s objections not-withstanding, I love all the other scenes, but this one just made me cringe–buring her books? Did they just not get it something? Apparently…


  24. I’ve been thinking that the deleted scenes on the R1 DVD of S&S3 will be what is cut from the broadcast. Since nothing was cut from the BBC broadcast in the UK, there are no deleted scenes. Just my thought, though.

    If there are scenes cut from it, however, I will be unhappy. And I really want to watch the commentaries, so I hope the product description is accurate for the US.


  25. Julie P.

    Hackable DVD players are pretty cheap. I got a Philips DVP3140 for less than $40 at Best Buy after Christmas (after checking the website I provided earlier). I understand that not everyone can afford this, but it does happen to be worth the money for me because now I can watch any movie I want from anywhere in the world.


  26. Ela

    Thanks Julie and Amy for the information and link – drats! I was hoping David Morrissey would be on the commentary 😦


  27. Marcy G

    This is all very upsetting indeed. I don’t mind PBS cutting a few scenes here and there to fit everything into a certain time slot – but why make the cuts on the dvd, too? Certainly dvds have enough room to fit a 96 (give or take) minute movie and since we’re shelling out the money for the dvd, why not show the production in its entirety?

    I just ordered the region 1 dvd, so I guess now I have a copy that I no longer want. I have the region 2 dvd, so I suppose I’ll have to keep watching that one.

    If anyone wants to start a petition to reinstate the removed scenes, I’ll be more than happy to sign. I also have a mind to write PBS and complain to them distributing ‘butchered’ versions of these adaptations. As if 90 minutes was not bad enough, they have to cut it even more. What gives?


  28. Cinthia

    A final report, the NA2 region 1 DVD box states the running time at 86 minutes, but my DVD player registers it as 84 minutes and 42 seconds. I think we have listed all the missing scenes.

    I am trying to find out if PBS/WGBH/Masterpiece has to be held as entirely responsible of this cut version in DVD or perhaps ITV is selling only the cut version outside UK. Beside the MP3 British DVD there is also a MP3 DVD in Spain, so I would like to know if the latter has the complete version or if it is cut as well.


  29. Marcy G

    When “North & South” was televised a few years ago, fans were told that they had ‘no immediate plans’ to release the dvd. A few of us spread the word and asked fans to write to BBC America asking for the region 1 dvd to be released, and sure enough the dvd was released a few months before the original airing.

    I am writing to PBS to complain about the cuts made to the region 1 version of Northanger Abbey and asking them to re-release the full version on dvd (not this rubbish cut version). If you wish to do the same, then you may send a feedback to them here. Maybe if enough people complain, then we can make our voices heard:


  30. Dear all,

    I’ve made a blog where I put two stills from the apple scene.

    Scroll down past the third paragraph of the blog.

    It’s my belief that the British film was longer than 93 minutes so more than 9 minutes was cut.

    I’ve watched the British Persuasion film only twice, but I can confirm that one of the cuts in the American broadcast was most of Wentworth’s letter. In the 2007 film most of Wentworth’s letter was read aloud as voice-over. In the American broadcast we got only the first two lines. The scenes at her diary were also shortened.

    Ellen Moody


  31. leann

    RE: post 33/Cinthia

    I believe ITV did not sell a cut version to TVO (TV Ontario), which broadcast the ITV productions in Canada in December. I just checked my recording and the first two PBS cut scenes are intact, so I assume TVO broadcast ITV’s uncut version.


  32. Kathleen B.

    Someone told me the “Sense and Sensibility” Region 2 DVD also has commentary by Charity Wakefield (Marianne) and Dominic Cooper (Willoughby).


  33. Julie P.

    To #38 — that is not correct. I own the region 2 DVD and the cast members doing the commentary are Hattie Morahan and Dan Stevens.

    To #34 — I, and a lot of other people, have e-mailed PBS with our concerns. As of right now, nobody has reported hearing back from them.


  34. Kathleen B.

    To Julie (#39) — Here is what someone on the C19 forum said:

    “The commentaries are pretty good if you like that kind of thing – Edward & Elinor plus producer and director on Ep 1, some of Ep 2 and Ep 3, and Marianne & Willoughby for most of Ep 2 plus producer and director. I found lots of it entertaining, anyway.”

    Maybe you haven’t got that far yet?


  35. Julie P.

    That makes sense. I only watched episode 1 so far. Thanks for the heads-up. I have something to look forward to because I do like commentaries.


  36. Diana I-C

    Sorry if this is a repeat question, I’m having trouble scanning through all the responses for the information I want.
    In the P3 Region 1 DVD, is the beginning of the first scene that we see Sir Walter and Elizabeth restored? It was cut in the broadcast, and pretty badly cut as well, which irked me since I really liked that bit.


  37. Ken Peters

    Watched the non-adaptation movie about Jane Austen’s “regrets” last night and couldn’t help but think that this too had been cut. At the end, for example, Jane Austen evidently has died but THEY NEVER BOTHERED TO TELL US!


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