Lizzy, Darcy & Jane


Alert Janeite Lisa let us know about a play called “Lizzy, Darcy & Jane” that is currently running at the Tabard Theatre in London.

Lizzy, Darcy & Jane follows Austen’s early womanhood as she struggles to grapple with society’s prescriptions. Jane’s active imagination is constantly wandering from reality and entering a world where her characters develop and mature as she does. Disappointed in love, Jane sentences her emphatic imaginary friend, Lizzy Bennet, to a life married to the insufferable Mr Collins, but Lizzy is too wilful for her author and retains her questionable relationship with a certain brooding Mr Darcy.


What the Fitzwilliam?

The play opened earlier this month and closes on February 2, but this is the first we’ve heard about it, unfortunately. Hopefully there is still time for our Gentle Readers to catch it. We would LOVE a report. Really.