Facts About Fanny Price


Edmund: Lord High Mayor of WHAT?

  • Humphry Repton was unable to root up the avenue at Sotherton because Fanny Price didn’t want it rooted up.
  • The old grey pony did not die of old age. It died of shame because it was unworthy to bear Fanny Price.
  • Waltzing outdoors is historically correct when Fanny Price does it.
  • Fanny Price will not be dictated to.
  • If you noticed Fanny Price’s upthrust, exposed bosom, that’s because you have a dirty mind.
  • Fanny Price doesn’t have to brush her hair. It’s perfect just the way it is.
  • Tom Bertram could not die because Fanny Price bathed him with her tears.
  • Even if Pug was male, he could have a litter, because Fanny Price wanted a puppy.
  • Fanny Price makes purple the most special color in the world.
  • Fanny Price cured the Editrix’s fever. (So far! 4 hours and counting…)

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For the humorless/Internet-meme-illiterate: Inspired by Chuck Norris Facts

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