Getting Local With Jane: Inaugural Edition


We don’t always manage to fit local events of interest to Janeites on AustenBlog. Since the blog launched in 2004, our audience has grown and become international; as a result, sometimes these events can seem a little too local, and sometimes we don’t hear of them until a day or two before they happen, and we don’t always post them in time. However, that was part of the blog’s original purpose, and we would like to get back to it as much as we can. Therefore, we’re announcing a new weekly feature: Getting Local With Jane. Look for it every Wednesday that we actually have something to put in it. And that means SEND US YOUR LOCAL JANE AUSTEN-RELATED EVENTS! Preferably well in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚ (And not just in the U.S., either!)

Also please see our sidebar, under “Upcoming Austen Events,” which will feature larger events such as conferences and evening balls. There also is a permanent link to JASNA’s Regional Special Events page, which will highlight all the really great upcoming events for various JASNA regions. If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, check it out–some of these events are open to non-members; but if you haven’t joined JASNA, why in the world not? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Editrix herself will venture out of the fabulous high-tech AustenBlog World Headquarters (now with non-leaking ceiling) to meet her public twice next week. On Tuesday, February 5, she will be at the Barnes & Noble store in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania at 7 p.m. as part of a JASNA Eastern Pennsylvania Region event sponsored by WHYY-TV and B&N to celebrate The Complete Jane Austen. The Editrix will sign copies of her book, The Jane Austen Handbook: A Sensible Yet Elegant Guide to Her World and also will perhaps be persuaded to speak a few words, being the shy and retiring type. *cough* Diane Wilkes also will be signing her book and tarot deck, The Tarot of Jane Austen, and speaking about the cards (which are fabulous, by the bye) and perhaps giving a reading or two! The event is a fundraiser for JASNA’s Eastern Pennsylvania region, and B&N will have a selection of Jane Austen-related books, CDs, and DVDs to purchase, with a portion of the purchase price going to support the region.

On Saturday, February 9, the Editrix will be speaking at the Jane Austen Tea at the Ardmore (PA) Free Library. We will talk about marriage customs and laws in Jane Austen’s time as well as several other interesting things that Jane Austen heroines would need to know about.

Alert Baja Janeite wrote to tell us that Whittier (California) Library will have several Jane Austen-related events in March 2008. On March 5, the library will host Laurie Viera Rigler, author of The Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict; on March 12, Mary Burkin will appear in character as Jane Austen; and on March 19, the library will have a tea with Jane Austen scholar Anne Kiley, Ph.D.

We just heard that the JASNA’s Syracuse and Rochester Regions will combine to hold a very special event in May 2008. More details to follow!

And a reminder that this Monday, February 4, at 3:30 p.m., JASNA Greater New York will host a screening of the 1995 film adaptation of Persuasion at Brooklyn College. Following the screening, Ciarán Hinds, who played Captain Wentworth, will discuss the film with Foster Hirsch of the Brooklyn College Film Department, Rachel Brownstein of the Brooklyn College English Department, and possibly Corin Redgrave, Sir Walter himself, if he is in New York. This event is free and open to the public–and yes, we would love a report if you get to go!