Review of Persuasion at Book-It Repertory in Seattle


We are looking a bit askance at the author, but it looks like Book-It Repertory’s Persuasion is a winner.

Men are sometimes supernumeraries in Austen, divided into two groups: suitable for marriage and unsuitable for marriage. But Wentworth is multidimensional. Hurt pride, personal ambition, good fortune plucked from the horrors of Napoleonic naval wars and willingness to take a chance, damn it all, round him out. As Wentworth, John Bogar has to portray a lot of stoical manliness. But eventually his acting floods with emotion.

What distinguishes Austen from standard-issue romance novelists is her energetic satire. Kate Czaijkowski, as Anne’s sister Elizabeth, and Kevin McKeon as the girls’ father, are both absurdly assured as eye-on-the-prize social climbers. Pam Nolte is equally assured (and funny) as a perennially mistaken arbiter of social expediency. She would have Anne marry the dreadful Mr. Elliot, of all people.

We hope to have a review of the play from AustenBlog’s West Coast Bureau! Thanks to Alert Janeite Lisa for sending the link.