Getting Local With Jane: Good People Getting Together Edition


First we must bring your attention to an event coming up in just a few days for Janeites in the Erie, PA area. Alert Baja Janeite let us know that soprano Julianne Baird will be performing songs from Jane Austen’s own songbooks at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania this Friday, February 22, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5-10 (a bargain!) and available online. We have heard Dr. Baird perform these songs and it is not to be missed.

In the Boston area, the Governor Gore Museum will be offering a Jane Austen tour this weekend (Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday throughout the day).

Executive Director Susan Robertson said after rereading Austen’s six novels she knew there were many parallels between the Gore mansion and the manor homes described in Austen’s works.

This was because the Gores and Austens lived during the same period. The Gores even lived in England. Robertson felt a themed tour would give “a person interested in Jane Austen’s works a chance to go into a home (of the era) and understand how it feels and looks and sounds.”

We are amused by the name of the website (“Wicked Local”–that’s Bostonese for “Extremely Local”–or as Lady Catherine might say, “I’m wicked put out”) but cringe at the mention of JASNA as the “Jane Austen Fan Club.”

We also have reports of a few recent gatherings that have been shared on the Internet.

Laurel Ann Nattress, a Barnes and Noble bookseller, hosted a Jane Austen Evening at her store.

One of JASNA’s newest regions in Louisville, Kentucky, had their first gathering filmed and reported on a local television station. (If you click on the link, it’s the first 5 minutes or so of the broadcast.)

Members of JASNA’s Northern California region got together to watch the Masterpiece broadcast of Pride and Prejudice, and the San Francisco Chronicle was there to report it.

And we totally missed this before it happened, but it looks like they’re planning a yearly thing…but someone needs to explain to them that JANE AUSTEN WAS NOT VICTORIAN ARRRRRRRRRGH. 😀