What was that about winning Colin again?


Found via Smart Bitches Trashy Books, here’s a contest to win a Colin incubus of your very own to use as you will.

It is, of course, for “entertainment” purposes only. I’m hoping Sherry can tweak how “Colin” appears to his lucky owner, so I’ve made some very specific suggestions to her.

* Upper-class British accent
* Sexy, Georgian-style sideburns
* Very tall, with warm eyes
* Large, sensitive hands
* Gently waving, silky brown hair
* Haughty demeanor that melts when he sees you
* He will love you “just as you are.”

Yes, but will he say “dearest, loveliest Elizabeth” on command? And buy you furs and sexy lingerie? (oops, wrong Darcy)

(Background is here.)

Update: Colin the Sex Slave Incubus comes with a Genuine Sapphire Gem Stone Ring! This is getting really hard to pass up.